Improved Vaccines to Prevent 9 Dangerous Diseases

It is safe to say that since the 1700’s, there have been major improvements in the development of vaccinations. Still, though, there are hundreds of diseases affecting the masses for which no vaccine exists. On-going research and development reveal progress with 9 vaccinations that could change the way people live. In the next decade, there may be a vaccine to prevent the following diseases: Cancer, Gonorrhea, Malaria, Ebola, HIV, Norovirus, “Universal” flu vaccine, Heroin addiction, and Zika.

“Researchers are finding ways to use the immune-system-triggering effects of vaccines to tackle unexpected diseases, such as cancer and drug addiction.”

“There are already some vaccines that prevent certain types of cancer. The vaccine against human papillomavirus (HPV), for example, can prevent six different kinds of cancer. Another vaccine for hepatitis B prevents liver cancer as well.

There’s also a push to use vaccines once a person has been diagnosed with cancer. One such treatment was approved for prostate cancer in 2010. The treatment reprograms the body’s immune system to go after a particular protein that helps the immune cells attack the cancer cells. Other vaccines on the horizon could take a more personalized approach, pinpointing cancer mutations and amplifying the body’s immune system to fight off certain types of cancer cells.”

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