Are Needle Free Vaccinations Available?

Companies and academic labs are working to uncover alternative methods for administering vaccinations. In fact, breaking news reveals three different alternatives to the classic needle-and-syringe delivery method.

“They’re refining technologies that involve tiny needles, less than a millimeter long, and needle-free injectors that can send a dose of vaccine through your skin in a fraction of a second.”

These new methods are more “user-friendly” than traditional vaccine administration as well.

“It can be stored at temperatures as high as 104 degrees Fahrenheit for up to a year… [and] can be administered by people who aren’t trained health professionals.”

If you are a parent, this may be of greater interest to you as you are likely familiar with the pain children endure when receiving such vaccines. Further, if you are hopeful that vaccines can be delivered without needles, read the full details here.

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