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We recommend you check out the presentation from Dr Bob Rogers of which you will find a list of sections in the left column on this site. To make it easier for you to easily consume we’ve broken the sections of this medical presentation into different pages but there are links at the bottom of each to help you navigate your way along.

As time goes by and new vaccination protocols are established we will report on that and any other relevant news relating to vaccines and saving people’s lives with this medical measure.

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Unicef – great childrens charity who do work with immunization and who provide technical assistance to governments for their vaccine delivery programs. They also run support programs such as social mobilization initiatives, implementation support, and vaccine market shaping.

Gavi – the vaccine alliance. Started in the year 2000 to expand access to new and underused vaccines in the developing world these guys provide vaccines that help to prevent diseases such as hepatitis B, meningitis, pneumonia, and diarrhea, which are responsible for a significant number of child deaths.

Bill Gates Foundation – Bill and Melia do great work getting vaccinations to those who need them. Their goal is to prevent more than 11 million deaths, 3.9 million disabilities, and 264 million illnesses by 2020 through high, equitable, and sustainable vaccine coverage and support for polio eradication.